Everyone at one point in life has felt one type of pain or the other. Based on this feeling which is different from one individual to another, pain is best defined by the person going through it. However, it is defined medically as an unfavorable sensation in the body caused by a damaging stimulus.
Now, imagine a situation where the pain is not just for a moment but it persists for a long time, it is crazy! This is exactly what chronic pain is. Different causes have been attributed to resulting in chronic pain some of which include arthritis, cancer, ulcers, broken bones, and nerve damage amidst others.
Your Body Is Fighting A War For You
When the body is in pain for a long time, the body defenses mechanisms releases hormones and chemical substance to combat the pain and reduce the inciting cause. These hormones stimulate the brain giving the body a ‘there is a danger feeling’.
As this chemical substance roams around the bloodstream for a long time, though meaning no harm, it ends up putting the body in an unbearable state. This results in symptoms such as tiredness, insomnia, anxiety, irritability, and anxiety. Although these symptoms seem to be physical and physiological, its effect is rather mentally demanding.
Your Routine Might Get Messed Up
For some people, the inability to do their routine as a result of chronic pain brings about mental pressure which often results in anxiety and depression. The anxiety and depression on its own is a stressor that can increase pain’s threshold. Ironically, it means that the effect of chronic pain is also a stimulant for more pain. This often results in a cycle which makes the person going through the pain feel crazy.
In most situations, chronic pains come in different shades without knowing what to expect. At times, the pain makes you feel like covering yourself up all day because of cold while at times, it feels like there is an oven inside of you and you just need to let it out. The mental stress of not knowing what to expect when the effect of chronic pain hits the body is a handful.
Painkillers Are Not A Permanent Solution
People who suffer from chronic pain are familiar with different types of pain killers starting with the NSAIDs (such as Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, diclofenac, and tramadol) to the steroidal pain killers. Only if these pain-killers are a permanent solution to the pains, that would have been good news for the world.
Unfortunately, just as the body fails you when chronic pain sets in and you are unable to perform your regular routines, most of these pain killers do fail and it feels like there is no solution to the pain. Apart from this, each of these drugs has specific side effects that contribute its quota to the crisis the body is feeling. Summing up all these effects, it appears that even the drugs that are used to manage chronic pain can be ineffective and even cause more pain.
To Wrap It Up
The truth is, no one deserves to go through pain at all not to talk of chronic pain, it is emotionally draining, physically hurting, and psychologically exhausting. One thing everyone going through chronic pain must know (irrespective of the cause and how crazy it feels) is that, though it persists, it won’t stay forever.

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