As much as I wish it was in my head, chronic pain is very real and very unwelcoming.

If you have a friend, family member, or close one who is constantly complaining about how they feel pains in their joints, they are most probably living with a chronic pain condition. Also, chances are that you have already grown tired of their constant whining about some absurd pain you do not even know about, and you are wondering; is this pain actually real or is it just in their head?

Well, you are not really to be blamed for having such thoughts (although it really comes off as insensitive) because you are yet to understand what chronic pain really is and how serious it can be.

You can rest assured however that after reading this article, you will come around with the true knowledge of what it really means to live with constant pain as we are about to discuss a few basic things you ought to know about the condition. So, here it goes;

What Is Chronic Pain? 

Apparently, you are yet to come to terms with the fact that someone is always complaining about some invisible pain which you can barely place your hands on its cause. You most probably have heard it is chronic pain, and you are asking; what is Chronic pain?

In a very simple explanation, chronic pain is a kind of persistent pain in the body (mostly around the spine area) that lingers for far too long, most times beyond 6 months or more, even after series of medications and treatments.

Sometimes when people get injured, it heals after some time and the pains go away or die off. But with ceaseless pain, the pains linger for much longer than it is supposed to, causing serious discomfort for the person with it. So, you see, when they keep complaining, it is not just because they love some pity party or feel that their complaints are melodious to listen to.

Important Things You Should Know About Chronic Pain 

To get a better appreciation of what chronic pain is, here are some more basic things you should know about the condition;

  • Perpetual Pain Is Real 

Oftentimes when people complain about chronic pain, they are thought to be making it up or making too much of a case from it, thus they get statements like; “it is just in your head”, “get over it already”, “is it that bad?” and lots more. But the truth is that chronic pain is actually real and it is mostly not an exaggeration.

In fact, the medical community are increasingly coming to an agreement on the fact that chronic pain truly exist and there is need to find a cure for it, even though the cause of the pain is not really known. So, yes. Chronic pain is actually real, and it is a serious condition.

  • People Do Not Enjoy Chronic Pain 

Sometimes, you might be led to wonder if a person is actually enjoying the pains, considering how often he complains and his constant talks about the pain, but far from it, nobody enjoys pain. Well, except for unusual situations though.

You should have it in mind that all a person who is suffering from a chronic pain condition wants is for the pain to go away as quickly as possible. Perhaps this realization will help you accord them more recognition and pity, as well as help make you more supportive towards them because they truly need all the support that they can get from you.

  • Chronic Pain Can Lead To Disuse Syndrome 

You should also know that most cases of chronic pain lead to disuse syndrome which is a condition that is capable of impacting a person’s cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, psychological, neurological, emotional, and mental processes. Thereby causing a long-term state of physical inactivity for the affected person.

In worst case scenarios, disuse syndrome might even lead to a very critical lack of health which on its own is a really serious situation that nobody would wish upon himself.

It is also important to note that disuse syndrome can be instrumental in prolonging and heightening the painful effects of lingering pain.

  • The Pain Varies From Person To Person 

One other fact about chronic pain, and perhaps the one that makes it a more complicated situation is that not everyone who has the condition feels the same type of pain. The pain varies from person.

For instance, two different people may be experiencing the same condition, and while one of them does not feel any ill effects from the condition, the other person might end up being fully incapacitated by the same condition. Possible reasons for this situation range from individual physiology, the different body builds among individuals, individual upbringing, etc.

This situation has created a kind of difference in the way various people feel the symptoms of constant pain, and it has even made it more difficult for people to believe claims of chronic pain by other people, seeing that the signs or symptoms of the condition is not universal.

  • A Person’s Happiness Does Not Make Him Healthy 

People often make the mistake of thinking or believing that if a person is happy, then automatically, he is healthy. Stemming from this belief, when they see a person who has a chronic pain condition laughing or happy, they assume that he is fine. But then, this is a wrong assumption most of the times.

A person who has constant pain can be happy, or even have a hearty laugh from time to time, but this does not necessarily mean that all their pain is gone. Thus, it is not safe to assume that your friend or loved one who has chronic pain has now been healed because you caught him laughing.

To Wrap It Up

Chronic pain is a quite serious situation, even though a lot of people do not regard it to be so. We trust however that having read this article you now have a basic understanding of what lingering pain is and that when next time you see a person with the condition, you will do well to give them all the support you can afford.

“If it were this easy to “just get over” chronic pain, nobody would ever suffer from it. I totally do not understand how people can nonchalantly brush off how utterly debilitating, painful, and agonizing it is to have to struggle through every second of every single day.” -Marni Kyle, poet



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