A lot of researches have shown that pain blocks inspiration and the emotional features of an individual affecting their creativity and inspiration levels. The manifestation of these processes like your ability to maintain a good mood.

These psychological processes are critical to the release of the hormone dopamine, which helps to facilitate the development of various cognitive abilities.

If an individual is feeling some sort of pain, either emotionally or otherwise, they tend not to be able to concentrate. Life has no meaning to them because all they can imagine and think of is the pain they’re currently experiencing. The worst kind of pain to feel, however, is emotional or physiological pain.

These kinds can be as a result of a loss, either a lover or a family member. This can cause a psychological pain that will take time to recover from. Other examples may be as a result of failing to achieve something, which may portray an individual as a failure and thus trigger emotional or psychological pain.

Physical pain, on the other hand, may be as a result of an injury to any part of the body. This kind has a duration to wish it is felt — the easiest kind of pain to deal with. Psychological or emotional has no time frame.

Psychological pain can influence how inspired an individual is, and this affects their creativity level. More often than not, humans are more likely to be more inspired or creative when they are feeling better.

How They Affect Inspiration

Feeling either humiliated, guilt, sadness, frustration, irritation, etc. are feelings that emotional or psychological pain can be illicit. These negative feelings can affect how inspired you can be.

You may be needing inspiration and a spark of creativity to help you finish a book, complete a task, or solve a particular problem, but these feelings seem to be getting in your way.

Here are ways in which pain blocks and prevents you from being inspired.

  • They Breed Self Doubt

There are situations you find yourself where you want to complete a task when you’re not feeling positive or optimistic as a result of pain, which may have occurred due to disappointment or frustration; you tend to doubt yourself.

  • Pain Breeds Worry

When you’re worried, you’re not able to concentrate on a job that requires a high amount of thinking. Your mind is always roaming, and if your mind is always roaming, there is a possibility that you wouldn’t be getting any inspiration or little amount of inspiration.

  • You Harbor Thoughts Of Failure

Asides from stimulating the development of self-doubt, pain can also block inspiration when your mind dwells on your previous failure.

If you were working in a media house writing news articles, for instance, and your boss happens to say nasty and unprintable things to you; you’ll tend to think about those words often and will affect the rate at which you work and the quality of news items you churn out.

  • Physical Pain Causes You to Dwell

Sometimes physical pain can be so harsh that it can cause you to dwell too much on it. Physical pain blocks inspiration and make it almost impossible to reach your goals when tasks must be completed.

How Can One Get Inspired?

  • Take a walk
  • Stay positive
  • Reward yourself
  • Start a journal
  • Listen to music
  • Read a good book
  • Exercise
  • Travel
  • Meet new people

Wrapping It Up

Psychological pain blocks inspiration in so many ways by producing several thought. How we deal with them will be critical to unlocking our resource of inspiration.

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