Ever had a hot burning sensation creep down your leg every day of the hour? If so, you are probably experiencing the excruciating pain of sciatic nerve pain. This nerve pain is usually triggered by lower back pain and can make it very difficult to drive long distances. Before you decide to take that trip, there are a couple of solutions out there that can help make your next car trip more desirable.

 The Tennis Ball Theory

This is probably one of the best and most affordable theories. You can pretty much use any type of small sized tennis ball for this exercise. While driving, take the tennis ball and put it in the area where you feel pain. For Example, I tend to have pain in my buttocks area during driving. I usually put the tennis ball under my buttocks where the pain is and let it stay there for about 5 minutes. I also will put the tennis ball against my lower back and move gently so I can get a light massage. Remember, that safety when driving comes first so please make sure you are keeping your eyes on the road as well.

Heated Seats

Some cars provide the luxury of heated seats. Applying heat to painful areas can definitely make the ride less of a hassle and more comfortable. If you do not have heated seats in your car I would suggest a mobile heating pad or a heated cushion for your seat which are sold at Amazon for reasonable prices.

Stop and Stretch


When it comes to driving long distances the last thing you want to do is to stop on numerous occasions. Being that sciatic nerve pain is so taunting, pulling over to a rest stop or on the side of the road to do a simple quick stretch can keep your legs from giving out.

 Cushions and Pillows Help

Gel cushions are an extremely comfortable item to choose when in route short or long distances. They provide comfort, coolness, and some also heat up to.  The cushion posted below is my favorite one from amazon because it is inexpensive and also sturdy. It works great for those annoying car rides with sciatica. If money is tight and you can’t quite afford a gel cushion then a small pillow works just as good!

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